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Melissa before



Lost 31 lbs on her Metabolic Burn Pro 93-day program.

“Peak Weight Loss enabled me to see my health journey in a different light. Always struggling with my weight, I was able to see the program as progressive steps that would not leave me “dieting” for an indefinite period of time. Changing my eating habits 20-30 days at a time made it easier for me to set goals and accomplish them. As a result, once I completed the program, I was equipped with the tools I need to live a lean life. Now I know what to do if my weight starts to increase. I know what to do if I would like to lose more weight, but most importantly, I know how to eat in such a way that my body is healthy, I have amazing energy and focus and I want to live life to the fullest. It is no longer about being overweight and feeling destine to be there, rather I feel liberated in knowing I hold the keys to a healthy lifestyle that not only makes me feel good but has allowed me to take charge over my body. Maryjane has been an amazingly supportive and encouraging coach. She helped me to see the importance of trusting the process. Grateful for my journey!”

Melissa after




William before



Lost 40 lbs on his 93-day Metabolic Burn Pro journey.

“Peak Weight Loss has been the most incredible journey. Prior to starting the program I was obese, on several medications and lacked the energy I needed to be able to function. I am proud to say, as of today, I am 41 pounds lighter, less medications and a new found energy that is absolutely wonderful and I am not done yet! From an appearance standpoint, many friends and family have remarked how well the weight loss looks on me. Down 4 inches in the waist, 2 neck sizes in the collar and down several sizes in blazers. I couldn't be more pleased. The process to lose this weight was the easiest experience for me. I loved the guidance and coaching that came with the program. I still got to enjoy many of the foods I like, but more importantly I have found a new love for healthy items. Foods I wouldn't have chosen in the past have become part of my pleasurable diet and I will complete this journey with the right tools to make this a lifestyle change. No looking back! Thank you Maryjane!”

William after